Der Weg zum “all in one package“

Fan-Out packages have recently been introduced in high-end applications either to replace stand-alone substrates (lower z-height) or Fan-In packages (reduced bump pitch requirements). However, the continuing trend towards miniaturization, system cost reduction and shorter time to market for electronic products drives the need for heterogeneous integration of larger number of components in a single module. Existing (epoxy mold compound) Fan-Out technologies are typically focused on single component packages or packages with only a few integrated components. Package manufacturing is mainly performed at wafer-level with some recent introduction of panel-level Fan-Out manufacturing. Alternatively, PCB-based technologies when combined with substrate, embedding and assembly technologies can offer integration of such larger number of components in a single module. The presentation will give a rough overview on relevant developments over the last couple of years and will sketch potential solutions for the future on miniaturization, modularization and system-level electronics integration. Thereafter the need for new Fan-Out technologies for integration of a larger number of components will be discussed. „Fan-Out System-in Board“ (FO-SiBTM) technology will be introduced as a potential candidate. FO-SiBTM potential benefits in large scale heterogeneous integration of smart system electronics will be analyzed.

He studied electronics and telecommunication engineering at the University in Graz and received his diploma in 1988 • He works as a group manager technology in the R&D of AT&S and was deeply involved in the most recent developments for HDI PCB • Since 1997 his focus area is component embedding in PCB staring with printed passive components • In 2013 he guided the Catrene project EmPower for embedding of power semiconductor and the development of power modules for double sided cooling. This concept development is going to industrialization.