About FED

The Electronics Design and Manufacturing Association (FED) represents the interests of 700 members, including printed circuit board designers and manufacturers, EMS and EDA companies, process and technology service providers as well as suppliers of manufacturing equipment, software and materials.

FED provides its members with guidance and support on technical business processes and decisions. One focus of the association‘s work is the preparation and transfer of specialist knowledge and the qualification of electronics professionals.

Our Vision

The strong community for networking, education and knowledge management in the electronics industry

Our Mission

  • We care about our members
  • We represent the interests of the industry
  • We are a sounding board for technical issues
  • We provide market-driven training
  • We bring the industry together
  • Platform for industry networking
  • Exchange with experts
  • Extensive range of training courses
  • Access to working and project groups
  • Discussion and further training in regional groups
  • Discounted rates for events and training
  • Access to a comprehensive knowledge database
  • A wide range of service

FED is divided into 12 regional groups operating in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At regular meetings, professionals from the region can learn, exchange knowledge and make new contacts through lectures, workshops and discussions. The regional groups also organise the FED Talks: webinars on current topics from the world of electronics.

Professional qualifications and further education are more important than ever. Our trainers are experts in their field and know what is important: practical benefits are always in the foreground. We currently offer over 45 different training topics covering development, electronics design and manufacturing in more than 150 faceto-face or online sessions per year. The content of the seminars and courses is constantly updated. Participants learn online or in professionally equipped seminar rooms using high quality training materials. They receive a certificate that is recognised in the industry as proof of qualification. The FED also offers all training and further education courses as in-house training. The needs and wishes of the companies are implemented individually and practically. FED has DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is a testament to the high standards of the association.

The annual conference is the highlight of the FED’s work. In various thematic blocks, technical experts impart specialised and up-todate knowledge about electronics development and manufacturing. The conference is aimed at all members of the association as well as professionals from the electronics and related industries. The two-day conference with presentations and an accompanying exhibition offers more than 350 participants time and space to learn, discuss and network.

The FED Knowledge Base and Library of Knowledge provide members with presentations and guides on topics relevant to their daily work in the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards and assemblies. The content is produced by FED working groups, is written by recognised experts and is the result of research projects. All technical publications, training films and IPC standards are available for purchase from the FED Shop. Please contact the FED office for further information.

PCB Design Award

PCB designers are responsible not only for the cost aspects, but also for the quality of the PCB and its manufacturability in both PCB production and assembly. Every two years, the PCB Design Award recognises outstanding achievements by PCB designers in German-speaking countries.

PAUL Award

The PAUL Award is a talent competition for young people who want to approach a technical challenge in a creative way. The award is named after Paul Eisler, the engineer and inventor of the printed circuit board. Young people between the ages of 15 and 25 can submit their project ideas and win a total of €6,000 in prizes.