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IPC-9704A (Hardcopy)

IPC/JEDEC Printed Wiring Board Strain Gage Test Guideline

Englisch. Stand: Februar 2012, 25 Seiten

Strain gage testing allows for objective analysis of the strain and strain rate levels to which a surface mount package may be subjected to during assembly, test and operation. Excessive strain can result in various failure modes for different solder alloys, package types, surface finishes or laminate materials. This document describes specific guidelines for strain gage testing during the printed board manufacturing process, including board assembly, test, system integration and other types of operations that may induce board flexure. This document also provides coverage of test setup and equipment requirements, strain measurement techniques and test report formats. Revision A contains 22 full-color photographs and illustrations depicting instrumented boards and gage placement and has been updated to address lead-free assembly technology.