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IPC-9591 (PDF) Single User

Performance Parameters (Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental and Quality/Reliability) for Air Moving Devices

Englisch. 19 pages. Stand April 2006. Keine Druckberechtigung, DRM-geschützt, !!!ACHTUNG!!! NENNEN SIE BEI DER BESTELLUNG DEN USER (NAME+E-MAIL)

This document standardizes the Performance Parameters for Air Moving Devices. The phrase 'Air Moving Device' (or 'Air Mover') refers to equipment such as, fans, blowers and other forced air movement technologies. These Air Moving Devices are used in the electronics industry for the cooling of heat-producing components, and range from small devices mounted directly to hot components such as microprocessor air moving devices, to larger devices used to force air through a chassis containing many he at dissipating components. This specification sets requirements for design, manufacture, and test application of Air Moving Devices, and is intended for use by the industry. The term 'end user' as used in this document refers to the OEM or design/mat erials entity responsible for specifying the function and reliability of an Air Moving Device in a final product application. 19 pages. Released April 2006.

Included in Manual S-100 and the IPC-E-500 Series
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