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IPC-1752A WAM1,2 & 3 (PDF) Single User

Materials Declaration Management Standard

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IPC 1752A establishes a standard reporting format for material declaration data exchange between supply chain participants and supports reporting of bulk materials, components, printed boards, sub-assemblies, and products. This standard is not supported by a PDF form. In the A revision, the data exchange format is specified as Extensible Markup Language (XML) and IPC-1752A relies on third party solution providers to provide software tools compatible with the standard. Starting in 2014, IPC introduced an annual review process to determine a list of verified solution providers for the IPC-1752A standard. Companies who receive this accolade have submitted sample files that have been verified to the current IPC-1752A requirements. Amendment 3 provides important enhancements to the IPC-1752A standard, including Identity codes to facilitate identification of declarable substances and declarable substance groups in a Class C compliance declaration XML. Prior to Amendment 3, software tools carried out the identification by looking at the text name of the declarable substance or declarable substance group. However, the text name for a declarable substance group can be up to 300 characters long and any discrepancies can cause a software tool to fail to upload the RCD XML. Amendment 3 provides a 5-digit identification code which enables software tools to more easily identify each declarable substance and declarable substance group in the RCD XML file. Defined list of statements, identity codes and revision numbers to support Class A declarations. Each Class A query list now includes a defined list of statements and identity codes. For example, the Class A declaration “Product(s) meets EU REACH substance restrictions” has identify code “01” in query list EUREACH-ARTICLE67-1272/2013. All references to JIG-101 have been replaced with references to IEC 62474. The last version of the JIG-101 list (version 4.1) was published in May 2012. The JIG-101 list is no longer maintained and instead the IEC 62474 has introduced a replacement list of regulated substances and regulated substance groups.