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IPC-DRM-53 (Hardcopy)

DRM: Introduction to Electronics Assembly Desk Reference Manual

Englisch. 32 pages. Stand: Juni 2000

A learning resource for new hires, operators, sales, purchasing, human resources, administrative personnel, students or anyone interested in understanding the basic processes for both Through-Hole and Surface Mount Assembly. This 32-page, full color, 5.5 x 8.5 inch spiral bound Desk Reference Manual explains electronics assembly to the uninitiated. DRM-53 includes over 70 color photographs and graphic drawings to clearly illustrate assembly technologies in easy to understand terms. Key terms are defined in a glossary -- to help simplify the industry lexicon. Also explains how electronics assembly fits into the electronics industry. Each section includes references for additional training and industry specifications that can provide further information. Students can read at their own pace -- study the terminology -- and see what everything looks like -- all from this concise manual. Quantity discounts available.