Sustainability as part of your business model: Schlüsselfaktor für den Unternehmenserfolg

In today’s business environment sustainability and responsibility are key factors for becoming successful and to survive. Being a reliable and responsible company is crucial to attract business partners, employees and investors, and to contribute reaching the world’s Sustainable Development Goals. How to build in sustainability in your business model and why? What is our responsibility? What are the risks and opportunities? Learn more about sustainable development, sustainable business, risks and opportunities, sustainability audits in factories, sustainable product development, reducing climate impact, business ethics and company culture, and how to build in sustainability in your business model. NCAB Group will in this seminar share their experiences on WHY to conduct business in a sustainable way, WHAT to do, and HOW to do it – and what are the results.

Anna Lothsson is Sustainability Manager of NCAB Group, with a special focus on sustainable business development and supply chain development. Anna joined NCAB Group in 2005 as Strategic Purchasing Manager, and has been part of developing strategies and processes for supplier sourcing and development, also worked closely with PCB factories for performance improvements. Last years dedicated to create and implement a sustainability strategy for the company to support a long-term sustainable business. Anna holds a B. Sc in Electrical Engineering and Economics from the KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.