Application and Utilisation of Protective Coatings

17.10. - 18.10.2023 Online-Seminar
An electronic module is only suitable for a specific purpose if it guarantees safe function for a defined time.
A large number of modules are installed in the terminal devices without protective coatings and operate fault-free throughout their entire service life. In an increasing number of cases, the module is used with greater electrical sensitivity or even under difficult conditions. The safe function of an assembly is then only ensured by means of a protective coating.

In the German-speaking area, there is only the GfKORR guideline for the application and properties of a protective coating available. The GfKORR working group "Corrosion protection in electronics and micro engineering" produced this guideline in cooperation of designers, producers, coaters and users of electronic construction groups.

The aim of the seminar is to teach the participants about this guideline and the collected knowledge from the working group, so that a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of coatings and their possible applications for the functionality of electronic assemblies is achieved.


17.10.2023 — 00:00 Uhr


18.10.2023 — 00:00 Uhr




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Requirements of protective coatings for usw on assemblies
Classification of protective lacquers
Film properties of protective coatings
Impact of the assembly on protective coatings
Surface and preparation prior to protective coating
Application procedures for protective coatings
Handling of protective lacquers
Prevention of typical coating defects
Coating inspection methods
Repair of coated assemblies
Comparison of the guide to IPC-Handbook

Production engineering, quality assurance, process technology, analytics design and construction as well as all users of coated assemblies

The registration fees include the guidelines for the Utilisation and fabrication of Protective  Coatings for Electronic Assemblies, list of participants, lunch and beverages during breaks and evening event.

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