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FED-Bibliothek Bd17

FED Bibliothek des Wissens Band 17 - Abschlussbericht zum Projekt: Designregeln für den Übergang "Starr-Flexbereich"

1.Auflage 2017, DIN A5, 25 Seiten, Farbabb.

FED-Bibliothek Bundle

FED Bibliothek des Wissens
Band 1 - 17

Aktuelle Auflagen, DIN A5, Farbabb.


IPC-A-610G: Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
Englisch. 440 Seiten. Released: 31.10.2017


J-STD-001G: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies
Englisch. 92 Seiten. Released: 31.10.2017.

Baugruppenproduktion Schulungsfilm

FED-Schulungsfilm - Baugruppenproduktion -
Als DVD oder BluRay

Laufzeit: ca. 25 Min., Ton: Stereo HiFi, Bildformat:16:9

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IPC-9641 (CD-Rom)

High Temperature Printed Board Flatness Guideline

Englisch. Stand: 07/2013, 20 Seiten (CD-Rom - Keine Druckberechtigung - Single User Lizenz)
Mitglieder 89.00 USD Nicht-Mitglieder 107.00 USD

Beschreibung IPC-9641 (CD-Rom)

Printed board flatness is largely affected by a change in intrinsic properties through exposure to variances in temperature. The worst case deviation of the printed board from flatness may be at room temperature, peak temperature during reflow, or at any temperature in between. Printed board flatness must therefore be characterized during the entire reflow thermal cycle, and not solely at room temperature at the beginning and end of the assembly process. This document aims to provide guidance on methods and procedures for critically evaluating the relative change in shape (printed board flatness) of local areas of interest (e.g., BGA land area) during a simulated temperature reflow cycle.

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