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FED-Bibliothek Bd17

FED Bibliothek des Wissens Band 17 - Abschlussbericht zum Projekt: Designregeln für den Übergang "Starr-Flexbereich"

1.Auflage 2017, DIN A5, 25 Seiten, Farbabb.

FED-Bibliothek Bundle

FED Bibliothek des Wissens
Band 1 - 17

Aktuelle Auflagen, DIN A5, Farbabb.


IPC-A-610G: Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
Englisch. 440 Seiten. Released: 31.10.2017


J-STD-001G: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies
Englisch. 92 Seiten. Released: 31.10.2017.

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IPC-4553A (PDF)

Specification for Immersion Silver Plating for Printed Boards

Englisch. 36 pages. ANSI Approved - June 2009. Keine Druckberechtigung
Mitglieder 160.00 USD Nicht-Mitglieder 192.00 USD

Beschreibung IPC-4553A (PDF)

This specification sets requirements based on performance criteria for the use of Immersion Silver (IAg) as a surface finish for printed circuit boards. It is intended for use by chemical suppliers, printed board manufacturers, electronics manufactur ing services (EMS) companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). IAg is a thin immersion deposit over copper. It is a multifunctional surface finish, applicable to soldering. It may also be applicable for some press fit connections and as a c ontact surface. It has the potential to be suitable for aluminum wire bonding. The immersion silver protects the underlying copper from oxidation over its intended shelf life. Exposure to moisture and air contaminants, such as sulfur and chlorine, ma y negatively impact the useful life of the deposit. The impact can range from a slight discoloration of the deposit to the pads turning completely black. Proper packaging is a requirement. Note that, in this revision, both a single thickness range is in place and an upper limit for immersion silver thickness has been established.

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