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IPC-4552A Englisch

IPC-4552A: Performance Specification for Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG) Plating for Printed Boards

Englisch. 148 Seiten. Stand: 2017, CD oder Hardcopy

IPC-D-640 Englisch

IPC-D-640: Design and Critical Process Requirements for Optical Fiber, Optical Cable and Hybrid Wiring

Englisch, 83 Seiten, Stand September 2016, Hardcopy oder Single User

IPC-9204 Englisch

This guideline describes flexibility and stretchability testing to evaluate printable electronics for stretchable and wearable applications.

26 Seiten. Stand: März 2017

IPC-7530A (Hardcopy)

Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering Processes (Reflow and Wave)
Englisch. 42 Seiten. Stand: März 2017

IPC-4101E (Hardcopy) Englisch

Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

Englisch. 158 Seiten. Stand: März 2017

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IPC-4821 (PDF)

Specification for Embedded Passive Device Capacitor Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

Englisch. 34 pages. Released May 2006. Keine Druckberechtigung (Download)
Mitglieder 125.00 USD Nicht-Mitglieder 150.00 USD

Beschreibung IPC-4821 (PDF)

This document describes materials that can be used for the fabrication of embedded passive capacitor devices within the finished printed circuit board substrate. For this document, embedded passive devices and the phrase embedded passives are conside red to be equivalent. It provides information on general designations and associated characteristics of embedded passive device (EPD) capacitor materials. The document shall be used as a qualification and conformance standard for these materials. Thi s document contains material designation, conformance (requirements), qualification (characterization) and quality assurance specifications. This document covers the requirements for dielectric, conductive, and insulating materials that are used with materials for the manufacture of printed circuit boards containing embedded passive capacitor functionality.

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