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EIPC Winter Conference Salzburg, February 2 & 3, 2017

EIPC Winter Conference

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The EIPC will be running a special panel discussion at the upcoming EIPC Winter Conference in Salzburg to look at the issues facing the raw materials supply chain for the PCB industry worldwide.

The price increases that have taken, and are taking, place will have a significant impact on both the manufacturers and the end-users, and there is uncertainty over the length of duration of these cost hikes.
EIPC have gathered together Andres Folge from Technolam, Karl Stollenwerk from Isola and Thomas Michels from Ventec to talk about the impact of this issue in the global PCB supply chain.

This is an additional item on the programme, and will take place immediately after the keynote speech by Walt Custer of Custer Consulting who is quite familiar with the reasons behind the recent increases.

If this is what you fancy, then you will need to get your name down rather quickly and register as a delegate to the EIPC WINTER CONFERENCE in Salzburg, Austria, on February 2nd & 3rd 2017.

A link to the programme is attached, so have a look and then attach yourself to the crowd of very nice people who make EIPC Conferences the memorable events that they always are.

Day 1

Keynote Speech:
Business outlook: Global Electronics Industry
Panel Raw Material Price Hikes
Session 1:
New system designs and impact on material & processes
Session 2:
Advanced Component and Attachment technologies for High First Pass Yields
Session 3:
Solderable Surface Finishes for PCBs
Bonus programme: Visit Red Bull Hangar 7
Networking dinner at Restaurant M32

Day 2

Session 4:
Future Electronic Application and Impact on Reliability and Safety
Session 5:
Reliability of PCBAs and PCBs

Hotel booking information details will follow once we receive your registration.

The 3rd and further registration from the same company will get 50% discount on the registration fee!
Special Student fee: € 150.- FC including Bonus Programme.

In case of any questions please feel free to Kirsten at kwestenberg@eipc.org

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